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Patrick tells ‘back’ to school jokes.  

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“Fear can make you kind. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed, or in the dark, so long as you know it’s okay to be scared of it. So listen. If you listen to nothing else, listen to this. You’re always gonna be afraid. Even if you learn to hide it. Fear is like… a companion. A constant companion, always there. But that’s okay. Because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home. I’m gonna leave you something, just so you remember. Fear can make companions of us all.”

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Patrick when he shot the topless scene in Young Volcanoes X

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Fall Out Boy Stream New Single “Centuries”



Fall Out Boy have finally released “Centuries,” and you will remember it. Stream it below and let us know your thoughts!

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Human Error

Victoria Siemer, also know as Witchoria, is a graphic designer hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Human Error is a series of nostalgic polaroids that depict the broken heart as a computerized error that may or may not be restored in a few mouseclicks. 


six word story about remus lupin:

he went to the funeral alone

L I P  B I T I N G
L I P  B I T I N G

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so when are we gonna stop pretending beer tastes good

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I want to find the kid who’s not having a good time and I want give them a good time.”
  - Patrick Stump

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Life returns

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“That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.”

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you know that feeling when nothing’s wrong but nothing’s right either

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I swear at least five of my two friends don’t like me

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Post-hiatus Patrick is just

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